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Other Collaborations

Animation Consultant:

Kites of Sumpango (2020)

I assisted in fine-tuning the 3D character animation by doing series of draw-overs at multiple points throughout production.

Kites of Sumpango is a film directed by Nicolle Galeotti, about an aspect of Guatemalan culture and a young girl's coming-to-terms with the death of her father.

Timed Challenges:

GENERATE  24-Hour Challenge

Sponsored by Primal Screen

Our team of 5 made this short “advertisement” with several Adobe Creative Cloud softwares and Toon Boom Harmony. In addition to doing animating for this project, I found myself in a sort of director role, helping to problem-solve and mitigate technological hurdles with my team.

GENERATE 24-Hour Challenge

Sponsored by Turner Broadcasting

Our team of 7 was asked to create a bumper for a western-themed block of programming on the TMC Channel. I storyboarded our project in Storyboard Pro, and we used a combination of Photoshop, Toon Boom Harmony, and Adobe Flash to create the final piece.   


Our work was awarded Best Cinematography.

SCAD FutureProof 48-Hour Challenge

Our team of 5 designed the “Zendo,” an extension of the home inspired by the desire to be more fit in a world where the workplace and home don’t have clear boundaries. I found myself in a director role for this project as well, contributing less to the visual aspects of the presentation and more to its concept development and organization.

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